Our Story

How did Abbott Taylor, jewelry designer and diamond broker come to be such an outstanding influence in the Tucson community?

After spending his youth growing up in Cos Cob, Connecticut, and studying physics, philosophy and fine arts at the University of Connecticut, Abbott Taylor set his sights on the west coast. An aspiring musician, he climbed aboard his remodeled bread truck complete with a piano in the back and a water tank on the roof – and headed towards the promised land… California.

A few hundred miles from his destination, Abbott ran out of gas in a little desert city called Tucson. The splendor of the uncompromised desert attracted the young dreamer, and he decided to stay awhile. Soon after he had his first child he decided to hang up his walking shoes and give up the life of the wandering artist.

Because of his full beard, and the hair that fell halfway down his back, Abbott was turned down for this first job as an Electrolux Vacuum salesman. He came upon an ad for a goldsmith’s apprentice in the newspaper and was soon gainfully employed.

Abbott spent the next few years learning the trade. While honing his skills as a wax carver, designer and goldsmith, he discovered his love of design and nurtured his passion to create. In this field he had found a way to balance his artist’s spirit.

Over the years, Abbott discovered that not only could he create technically intricate pieces of jewelry to rival any major jewelry house in the country, but that he also had an exquisite talent for designing original works of the jeweler’s art. And rather than always following the current trends in the industry, he took his inspiration from such diverse sources as art, dance, music, poetry, and nature.

He had an intuitive sense about the structure of jewelry and had to create new techniques of the craft that he had not seen in other jeweler’s work. He found that if could imagine something, he could create it, even if nothing like it had ever been crafted before. A Master Jeweler emerged.

Over the 35 years that Abbott Taylor Jewelers has been in business, it has grown from a small repair shop in the back of a warehouse, to an Internationally recognized DIAMOND JEWELRY DESIGN HOUSE and DIAMOND BROKERAGE that creates world class designs and important works of jewelry art for discriminating customers from all over the globe.

Abbott Taylor remains the heart of the business. He continues to bring his visionary philosophy of design and manufacture to his clients, making sure every piece that leaves his store is of the finest quality, whether it is one of classic elegance, or one of the cutting edge of design.

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The artistry, skill and giving spirit of Abbott Taylor has benefited the community in many other ways as well by participating in the most important charitable organizations, both by significant yearly donations and board memberships.

Among these are the The American Cancer SocietyThe American Heart AssociationThe Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the local organizations featured below: