Recycle Your Old Jewelry

Gold has never been more valuable than it is today, and when you bring it to Abbott Taylor Jewelers, you will be amazed at how much it is worth in either cash or as trade-in for newly designed custom original jewelry from the artistic design mind of Abbott Taylor.
Your old 14k, 18k, platinum, diamond, and gemstone jewelry that sits in a drawer gathering dust, is worth more than you know, and recycling it will save over 20 tons of toxic waste from the environment for every ounce you use.

Green Gold

Green gold refers to recycled gold. At Abbott Taylor Jewelers, we use only 100% recycled gold, which is refined to .999 pure 24k gold, then alloyed into either 14k or 18k gold on our premises. Saving the environment from 20 TONS of TOXIC WASTE per ounce of gold is something you should be proud of.

Tons of toxic dirt left after the process of open-pit mining.

20 tons of toxic waste results in a mere one ounce of usable gold.

We are proud that for 45 years we have only used recycled gold, and thus have saved the earth from over one hundred thousand tons of toxic waste!

Dirty Gold

Newly mined gold produces over 20 tons of very poisonous toxic waste for every ounce produced! The ore from which it is mined is crushed, then saturated with arsenic which helps gold particles to adhere to each other to make it easier to remove from the ore. The arsenic soaked slag is then dumped onto the surrounding land, where this deadly poison filters through to the groundwater beneath. It takes less than 3 parts per million in the water supply to kill fish.